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Krotiri Bay in Parikia

Where we are & how you can find us

Location of Krotiri Bay in Parikia



How do I best get to Paros?

The most common way to get to Paros is to fly to Athens, Santorini or Myconos & then continue your trip with a ferry. This takes between approx 4 hours with the slowest boat from Athens up to 40 mins with the fastest boat from Myconos. That's the time range you need to calculate. It is very important to know when you need to land in order to catch a ferry to Paros on the same day, otherwise you need to stay somewhere overnight.

Here's a rough guideline:

For traveling from Athens, you need to land in Athens up to 14.00 hrs to catch the usually last ferry per day to Paros around 17.00 hrs. Calculate around 1 1/2 hrs for the bus trip from the airport to the port of Piraeus. (It's the bus "X96" that goes every 20 mins from the airport and costs around 5 Euros per ticket - no need for the taxi-hassle!) Sometimes there are also boats from Rafina, too, but you'd need to check the boat schedule for that first.

For Santorini, it's best if you land by 11.00 hrs, then you'll be sure to get a ferry or speedboat the same day; sometimes there is also a ferry around 18.00 hrs from Santorini, but not every day. Myconos is a bit tricky, as there are daily boats but unless it is high season only very early in the morning (around 10.00 hrs), so usually there is no way around staying overnight on Myconos. There is no ground rule here either, so you'd have to check the ferry schedule there, too.
You can also fly from Athens to Paros with one of the small Aegean planes (=up to 38 passengers), which fly approx. 3x a day.

However, for this you have to apply to the travel agency where you book your flight or get directly to el.aegeanair.com, and be aware that it is not easy to get seats. The flight takes approx. 35 minutes. Otherwise of course, if you are island hopping, you can get to Paros from almost all other islands, even places like Crete or Samos, and if there is not a direct boat, you get a connection from another island.